J.C. Penney Pensions and 401k

Employee of J.C. Penney?

The pandemic has caused tremendous damage to the retail industry. Many individuals have lost employment or have had unexpected changes to their career. You may be facing uncertainty and questioning how these changes will affect your retirement savings.

Consider Rolling Your Pension into an IRA

Many individuals have been asked to roll over their JC Penney pension into an IRA. You may have questions about creating an IRA that will offer protected lifetime income, similar to a pension, or you may be wondering what other choices there are.

Let’s Discuss Your Options

I offer a complimentary consultation where we can review your pension and 401(k) options and answer any questions you have. I am experienced with the JC Penney program and can help you navigate your options. As a fiduciary advisor, my client’s interests come above all else. We can easily talk over the phone, connect online, or meet in person at my office. Contact me using the form below, as the window to take advantage of some options may be running out.

Together, we can build your custom retirement plan.
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