Gradient Contrarian Choice

High return expectations with higher volatility

Historic Strategy

Utilizes a historic investment strategy that has been used in the past by investors like Warren Buffet. 


Attempts to capture the heart of the phrase, “Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful.”

Fundamental Analysis

Relies heavily on the researching of stocks trading above or below their real value.

Ideal for investors who have high return expectations and can tolerate a higher level of volatility. Contrarian investors have historically made their best investments during times of market turmoil. This portfolio deploys an active approach to exploit price dislocations in the market by using diligent research to determine if this price dislocation is temporary or structural in nature, and investing accordingly. 

Portfolio Manager: Keith Gangl

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Withdrawal Schedule

Five Business Day

Non-correlated Assets

Alternative to stocks and bonds

Time Horizon

5+ years

Asset Structure

12 to 20 Exchange Traded Funds