Gradient Core Select

Mid-to-Large Cap US Stocks for Long-Term Growth


Diversified US stock portfolio consisting of 50-80, mid-to-large capital stocks with strong business trading at reasonable prices. Blend of Growth, Core and Value stocks.

Actively Managed

Quantitative and qualitative metrics are used to manage risk. Portfolio is aligned with best opportunities while preserving proper risk-managed diversification. Reduced single stock exposure risk.


Designed for long term growth with dividends and stock price appreciation.

Gradient Core Select Portfolio is designed for long-term growth with 50-80, mid-to-large capitalization U.S. stocks. Returns will primarily come from stock price appreciation. Position sizes will be actively managed in accordance with fundamental opportunity combined with Gradient’s risk-managed sector selection approach.

Portfolio Manager: Keith Gangl

Keith Gangl, CFA®, serves as a portfolio manager for Gradient Investments, LLC, bringing over 22 years of institutional investment management experience. Gangl has a long successful track record of investment performance through various market cycles and has extensive knowledge of equity markets.

Withdrawal Schedule

Five Business Days

Investment Goal

Long Term Capital Appreciation

Time Horizon

5+ Years

Portfolio Fit

Qualified Accounts