Gradient 33 Growth Portfolio

Strategically Selected Portfolio with Growth Stocks


A portfolio of equally weighted growth stocks balanced between small, mid and large capitalization sectors.

Actively Managed

 Dynamic growth companies selected due to their high rate of growth and competitive advantage for future, continued growth.


A long-term opportunity providing higher yield with elevated risk.

A portfolio of 33 growth stocks equally weighted with representation from small, mid and large capitalization sectors. The portfolio provides exposure to proven growth companies, as well as emerging leaders of tomorrow. Investors who participate in this growth portfolio seek outsized gains and understand the risks associated with this type of investing.

Portfolio Manager: Keith Gangl

Keith Gangl, CFA®, serves as a portfolio manager for Gradient Investments, LLC, bringing over 22 years of institutional investment management experience. Gangl has a long successful track record of investment performance through various market cycles and has extensive knowledge of equity markets.

Withdrawal Schedule

Five Business Days

Investment Goal

Long-term Capital Appreciation

Time Horizon

Five-plus years

Portfolio Fit

Qualified Accounts ROTH, IRA