G-50 Dividend Portfolio

50 Blue-Chip, Dividend Paying Stocks

Risk Management

Provides investors the growth opportunities of the stock market with steady income, less volatility and an inflation hedge. 


Investment choices based on financially strong companies that generate ample cash flow and pay generous dividends. 


Stock selection, portfolio construction and active management delivers a high-quality stock portfolio that focuses on long term growth and generous dividend income.

Investing in dividend-paying stocks offers attractive income, an inflation hedge, volatility defense and a dual source of total return. The Gradient Investment Team selects 50 blue-chip stocks diversified over multiple industry sectors, representing companies that are financially healthy and provide generous dividends. The G-50’s combination of stock selection, portfolio construction and active management delivers a portfolio focused on long-term growth and dividend income.

Portfolio Manager: Jeremy Bryan

 Jeremy Bryan, Chartered Financial Analyst®, serves as portfolio manager for Gradient Investments, and brings over 15 years of investment experience to the team. His in-depth knowledge of the private client market, along with his expertise in asset allocation, investment analysis and risk assessment gives him a unique perspective into the investment markets.


Five Business Days

Asset Structure

50 blue-chip stocks

Time Horizon

5+ Years

Investment Goal

Long-term growth with regular income