Gradient Tactical Rotation

Algorithm-Based Investment Strategy


Select regional markets around the globe are identified and researched for opportunity and risk. Designed for long term capital appreciation.


Analysis based on momentum and volatility every month. Uses ETFs for exposure to the single market sector identified by the algorithms.


Holds only one ETF at a time; allows for $10,000 minimum

Equity markets around the globe often display wide dispersions of return over time. This creates the opportunity to make tactical investment decisions and rotate funds to areas of strength around the globe. This process identifies broad geographic investment markets (and their sub-sectors) where price momentum is greatest. In significant and sustained down markets throughout the world, the GTR can deploy a catastrophic cash call and move 100% to cash.

Portfolio Manager: 

Computer Model with Gradient Investments Override Potential

Withdrawal Schedule

Five Business Days

Investment Approach

Long term investment Evaluated monthly

Time Horizon

5+ Years

Asset Structure

One ETF for equities; Multiple ETFs for fixed income