Gradient Tilt Series

An Actively Managed Diversified Asset Strategy


Four different series from Conservative to Growth, depending on the investor’s risk tolerance. Each series is allocated using “tilts” in favor of the most opportunistic portfolio. 

Actively Managed

The Gradient Investment Team analyzes each series and periodically rebalances the portfolio to maintain risk consistency. 


Responds to market conditions without paperwork for every strategy change.

The Tilt Series has 4 different series: Conservative, Balanced, Moderate Growth and Growth, corresponding to an investor’s risk tolerance. The Tilt Series is periodically rebalanced, or “tilted”, to maintain risk consistency, but is also reallocated opportunistically based upon market conditions and the analysis of the Gradient Investment Management Team. 

Portfolio Manager: Jeremy Bryan, CFA

 Jeremy Bryan, Chartered Financial Analyst®, serves as portfolio manager for Gradient Investments, and brings over 15 years of investment experience to the team. His in-depth knowledge of the private client market, along with his expertise in asset allocation, investment analysis and risk assessment gives him a unique perspective into the investment markets.


Five Business Days

Portfolio Fit

Qualified Accounts (IRA, ROTH)

Time Horizon

5+ Years

Investment Goal

Long-term growth within risk profile