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Vested Interest TV, hosted by the financial advisors of Provision Retirement, discusses financial matters that are critical to people who are approaching retirement, or who may already be retired. Individuals in their retirement years often have questions like, “Do I have enough saved for retirement? How do I replace my current income? Will I be able to leave a legacy for my children? How much will I pay in taxes when I’m retired?” It is the mission of Vested Interest TV to address questions like these. 

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The advisors of Provision Retirement, and hosts of Vested Interest TV, serve the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area in-person, and people across the country virtuallyWhether you are interested in mapping out your retirement income, protecting your assets, growing your portfolio or maximizing your Social Security, the Provision Retirement team is qualified and ready to assist. We can even provide a second opinion on your current plan, if that is what you need. As Series 65 Fiduciaries, our advisors must advise you on what is in your best interest. 

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